Skip Hire Safety: How to Prevent Accidents When Loading Your Skip Bin

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Skip Hire Safety: How to Prevent Accidents When Loading Your Skip Bin

Skip bins are excellent solutions for managing waste from residential renovations, decluttering projects and yard clean-ups. They come in a variety of sizes to suit your waste management needs. If you're thinking of hiring one, it's crucial to understand the safety concerns surrounding the use of a skip. Incorrect use can cause serious accidents that can land you in the emergency room. Therefore, to be on the safe side, here are safety precautions you should observe when loading your skip bin.

Place the Bin on Level Ground

Once the waste removal company delivers your skip bin, place it on even ground for stability. If you set it down on a slope or uneven surface, it can easily topple during loading. Since most skips are made from metal, they tend to be extremely heavy. If one falls on your foot or another part of your body, it can cause serious injuries. Therefore, protect yourself by testing the stability of the skip before loading it.

Distribute Waste Correctly

When loading a skip bin, you want to place heavy, flat items at the bottom and irregularly shaped ones at the top. If you have items that can be dismantled, take them apart before loading them into the bin. This properly distributes weight and helps to balance the bin. If you place irregularly shaped items at the bottom and heavy, flat ones at the top, you may upset the bin's balance and cause it to topple.

Don't Climb Into Your Skip Bin

It's normal to want to climb into your skip and organise items that are wedged into awkward spots or create space for more waste. While this act may seem harmless, it may expose you to bodily injury, especially if the bin isn't full. A half-loaded skip's contents can easily collapse when you climb in. You risk getting hurt not only by the bin but also by sharp waste materials such as glass, nails and chipped wood. Therefore, avoid climbing into the bin, and instead use a grabber stick to reorganise the waste.

Avoid Overfilling the Bin

Overfilling a skip bin is dangerous and unacceptable. The items on top or the sides of the skip can easily fall off and hurt you. Also, some waste materials may fall off during pickup, and this may frustrate the garbage collection company. Note that most firms discourage their clients from overfilling their bins. If you suspect you may produce more waste, contact your skip hire company for an extra bin.

Observing safety around skips is an essential step in the waste collection process. Always remember to hire a properly sized bin to avoid dangers associated with overfilling your bin. Speak with a professional who provides bin hire to learn more. 

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